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Moral lesson: Wag na umibig.

TFTFZx part 3

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Well, everyone knows na hindi mo kayang iplease lahat ng taong nakapaligid sayo .. Definitely not.. at kapag sinubukan mo naman, mababaliw ka lang. You’ll never find happiness as in HINDI. Pano ka sasaya kung ginagawa mo lang ang isang bagay para matuwa or atleast masatisfy yung gusto ng ibang tao diba.

JUST BE YOURSELF. Gawin mo yung mga bagay na makakapagpasaya sayo and at the same time yung tama at walang inaapakang tao. 

JUST BE YOURSELF. Hindi yung gagawin mo lang yung isang bagay kasi nakita mo sa iba, nakikiuso para makasakay sa trip ng barkada.

JUST BE YOURSELF.  Wag mong gawin yung mga bagay na sa tingin mo maganda sa paningin ng iba pero hindi mo naman kaya. Panget kaya yun tingnan nagmumukang trying hard.

Simple lang mabuhay ng masaya kung tutuusin. Imulat ang mata at tumawa. Huwag tingnan ang iba dahil hindi mo ito ikagaganda.


JUST BE YOURSELF and smile. :)


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10 Simple Ways to Build Self Confidence


1. Get good at something

Sometimes all it takes is a little talent. Taking up a hobby or refining a talent can do wonders for your confidence. If you feel brave enough, you can show other people your hard work. It never hurts to hear a little praise on occasion.

2. Keep a journal

You are your own worst critic, but you don’t have to be. Recording your accomplishments or writing about things that make you happy can help you realize your own self worth. Life is worth living and you should remind yourself of that.

3. Keep fit

Exercising and eating healthy food can make you feel good about the choices you make for yourself. When you notice how good and healthy you look, you won’t have reason to try to hide behind baggy clothes.

4. Take care of yourself

Do something that you want to do. If nobody wants to see that cheesy movie with you, go by yourself and don’t get into the mindset that only losers go to the movies alone. Being independent and not having to constantly have companionship is a strength, not a weakness.

5. Turn into an optimist

It makes no sense remarking on the dark clouds while ignoring the rainbow. Seeking positive ideas and looking at the “bright side” can affect your mood for the better. Focusing on the good things in life can help you hold your head high, knowing that life is good, even when it seems bad.

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